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Ashtins Aromatics Luxury scented candle single wick 40 hour/burn travel tin, “Serenity”


Intoxicating, relaxing, sedative, stimulating, woody, deep, warm & musky.
This sweet aromatic candle is not only an astringent, but is ideal from freeing your home from flies and insects. Created using Ylang Ylang & Patchouli essential oils.
Patchouli & Ylang Ylang are known for their soothing and aphrodisiac properties, why not introduce this candle into your bedroom and allow its ability to overcome exhaustion reignite passion in your relationship.
The refreshing scent of this beautiful candle can help to to relax your mind & body.

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Our aromatherapy spa candle range has been lovingly created and expertly blended from the worlds finest soya wax and purest essential oils.  Designed to stimulate your mind body and well being, they are comforting relaxing and emit intoxicating stress relieving aromas that will lift your spirits and induce the perfect nights sleep.

The perfect gift for someone special anytime.


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